our bus network

Within the framework of the public service delegation, the company Keolis Agde has been operating the Cap'bus network on behalf of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration community since 2010.

Keolis Agde operates the Cap'bus urban network on a daily basis and manages the network (sales at the commercial agency, network promotion, passenger information).


Some figures on the Capbus network

More than 81,000 inhabitants year-round and 350,000 in season served throughout the territory of the Hérault Méditerranée Agglomeration Community:

- 20 communes on a territory of nearly 390 km² ;

- 59 public transport vehicles (buses, minibuses) ;

- 6 urban routes all year round and 8 in the summer period: 7-day-a-week service in the summer period;

- 687,242 kilometers traveled annually (2021) ;

- 428,747 annual trips on the Cap'Bus network (2021).